Diva on a Budget: Do We Need a Side Hustle?

Hello All,

We are very aware of the current state of the economy and we have learned to adapt. Whether its cutting luxury spending, thrifting, or stretching out our family meals to now include lunch at work. We are making it work. One trend, however, that is increasingly on the rise is what is known as the side hustle.

A side hustle is a means of income (I'm referring to hustles of the legal nature) in addition to what you bring home from your 9-5. It could be anything, and most often than not, I've noticed, it has nothing to do with one's full time profession. I've read about doctors who design children's clothes on the side, lawyers who sell pies on the weekend, and a news anchor who decorates her friends houses in her spare time. The question is, is the side hustle just a means of bringing in more income into the household or is this the only way you can have that job with benefits and do what you love at the same time? The side hustle revolution is everywhere! I've read an article in Essence (or Ebony, I can't remember please forgive me) that actually encouraged their readers to take on a part time job. An article in a recent issue Better Homes and Gardens features several professional women heavily invested in their careers, all with side hustles in full effect.

Has the side hustle become the norm? If so, I'm behind! Where's my violin, or my makeup kit?


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