Current Favorites: November 2012

It is not often I do a "Favorites" post, mainly because my routine does not change that drastically. However, I'd thought I'd make this Favorites post more elaborate; to include beauty, fashion, and hobbies! This way, you get to see a little more of who I am as a person. So lets get started!

  • Black Opal stick foundation- This is my favorite go to foundation. At $10 it won't break my budget. It is full coverage, so I often use it as a concealer when I'm not using it as a foundation. It is compact and perfect for traveling.
  • Black Opal loose powder- I love this powder just as much as the foundation. It is the perfect compliment to the stick foundation, and wherever the foundation goes, so does the powder when I travel.
  • Ruby Kisses gel line- LOVE! I use this liner everyday! It is so creamy and SO black.
  • Black Radiance blushes- My two staples are Toasted Almond and Warm Berry.I have other blushes from other brands, but  I gravitate towards these two all the time. Perfect for women of color.
  • Wet n Wild lipsticks- I have four neutral lipsticks from this brand that I rotate between. From the one dollar line, my favorites are 549A, 506A, and 508A. From the Megalast line 914C is my go to neutral.


  • Hanes t-shirts- I work in a lab and things can get messy really fast. I learned the hard way not to wear your favorite clothing items to work. Now I don't mind when that permanent color indicator spalshes on my shirt.
  • Old Navy Scarves- Just about all of my winter scarves are from Old Navy. I go shopping during their $1 scarf sale and rack up! They are fahionable, warm, and come in an array of colors and prints.
  • Thrifted Denim Jacket- This was a recent purchase, but it is already my favorite jacket. I can kick myself for giving away my Levi's denim jacket when it got a little tight. I've been on the search for it's replacement every since. The one I snagged at my local Goodwill comes very close.
  • Chunky Sweaters- Yes, I have jumped on the nineties fashion flashback bandwagon and re-embraced the chunky sweater. Oh, how I love them so. They are great layering pieces and keep you warm, so you can forget the light jacket when you go outin these.
  • Shopping My Closet-I love the idea of turning one item into another. Lately, I've been pairing my summer dresses and  with tights and chunky sweaters.  Wearing my dresses as skirts hascreated so much versatility for my wardrobe and my wallet is happy too :).
  • Riding Boots- If you don't have a pair of riding boots, whether you actually ride horses or not, get you a pair! They provide a great way to be comfortable and chic at the same time. I suggest getting a dark brown and black pair and your are set for the fall and winter.
Blogs/Other Websites

  • The Fashion Bomb Blog-My go to blog for all things urban fashion. The blog highlights people of color in the fashion, entertainment, and music industry.Claire and her team often profile up and coming designers, gives us the scoop on what the celebrities are wearing, and advice on how to style various articles on clothing.
  • The Style Pantry- Folake's online magazine is all that one can ask for! She has fashion, art, food, design and more. My favorite section is her My Style sectiion. She profiles her personal style day to day and even gives up the deets on where to find what she is wearing as well as who is carrying something similar.
  • Aureta's Blog- It is every budget fashionistas dream to raid Aureta's closet. Always clothed in the luxury brands we can only hope to wear. I love her style. I am often inspired b her ensembles. Aureta travels often and  documents her travels on her blog. We can get our fashion and culture fixes at the same time.
  • NuSophisticate-Jillian is a lawyer with style! She showers her readers that fashion is not comprimised is the corporate world.
  • Pinterest- I joined this site a couple of months ago, after a co-worker introduced me to it. Now I can't get enough of it! The site is a virtual pinboard of everything from food recipes, DIY projects, home decor ideas, and more! Follow me at
  • Tumblr-I joined Tumblr(I'm so late, tumblr is so old lol) last year. It has great blogs, but the one that draw me in are the blogs that discuss fashion, makeup, politics, African American history, women's rights, and humor. Follw me at

  • Reading: I've been a bookworm all my life. When I entered college, reading for luxury was nearly unheard of. The only books I had my nose in were my textbooks. Now, that chapter of my life is closed and I am in the working world, I am forcing myself to read at least one book a month. I miss my old hobby. My latest read was the Pursuit of Happyness by Chris Gardner. I'll keep you updated on the next book I'm reading.
  • Thrifting: People give away some good stuff don't they? I've been thrifting for a couple of years now and I'm not tired yet. I always go to the thrift store for unique items or inexpensive yet quality blouse or blazer for a night out. Lately, I've been going thrifting for unique home decor items. My latest finds were a handmade cigar box (it still smells like cigars!) and a brass Mardi Gras mask.


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