The Latest in Beauty News: Is Gray Lipstick The New "It" Color?

Photo Credit: Cluth Magazine

So it looks like I was up to something when I purchased that gray lipstick this past summer. I spied an article on the online magazine Clutch, discussing the latest lipstick trend. Check it out below.
Clutch Reports:

Not every trend that comes down the runway translates for everyday life and to be honest, we pegged grey lips as one of those sensations. Grey lips were recently introduced at the Doo.Ri Spring fashion show and now, retailers are investing in the look.

Fashionista reports that Estee Lauder has a gray lipstick coming out this Fall:

Estee Lauder’s version, while it looks scary in the tube, is actually a “luminizer” –meaning it’s meant to be layered over another lipstick. It adds a bit of shine and shimmer and can tone down a super bright color, making it more seasonally appropriate. I tried it on its own, adding it on top of a colorless lip liner in cautious swipes, and I didn’t hate what I saw. It has a bit of a dark 90s vibe but with a little shimmer to soften it up.

Check out the rest of the article here.

I personally think many will try this trend (as I have), but few will succeed. I'm still trying to figure out a way to rock my charcoal lip color without looking like the walking dead.

Story Credit: Clutch Magazine


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