Nail Review: Kiss Impress Press On Nails


Hello All!

I decided to test the free sample of the new Kiss Impress press on nails I recieved from the Bronner Brothers Hair Show earlier this month. I was excited to try them because I thought it would be a great way to change my look on the weekends being that I cannot wear nails due to my line of work. The nails come in a pack of 24 so theoretically, you can get two applications out of them with replacement nails. They have a nice sized collection of colors to choose from as well.

All was well when I initially applied the nails. They come with a glue type adhesive on the back. The nails come fairly long for my taste, but are easy to file down. If you choose to do the same, be mindful is the glue on the back on the nail. Unfortunately, after I showered I lost two nails. They didn't even last an entire 24 hours. Maybe the nails came off because I did not allow them to adhere long enough. The other nails did show any signs of coming off, therefore because of this I may consider giving them another try. At $5-$6 a set, my pockets will not be strained.

What about you, have you tried the Kiss Impress nails?


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