Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top Stories: First White Fashion Director Leaves Essence Magazine

Elliana PlacasEssence magazine’s first white Fashion Director, has left the publication, as confirmed by the New York Times.

Monday, July 30, 2012

2012 London Olympic Top Stories: Ryan Lochte Sports Grill

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte stunned the nation and the world when he won gold at the Men's 400 Individual Medley (400 IM) this past weekend. He also stunned fans when he flashed his American flag grill along with his medal, after he stepped off the podium of course. Judges told Lochte he would not recieve his medal while wearing a grill on the medal podium. Being crazy not to oblige he quickly popped it out to recieved his gold medal.

Story Via: The Fashion Bomb Blog and USA Today


Friday, July 20, 2012

Celeb Style: Alicia Keys Cut Her Hair

So Alicia cut off most of her big curly hair, and decided to debut her new locks to the world via Instagram (Oh don't you just love technology?). I have to say that the bob works for her, and that outfit! Oranges and muted yellows are definitely shades she should stick with.

Story Via: Fashion Bomb Daily Blog


Monday, July 16, 2012

Diva Cover Stories: Kerry Washington

Fashion Chronicles: Celeb Style

Both Glee star Naya Rivera and Hunger Games breakout actress Amanda Stendberg wowed fans at their events this past weekend.

Naya kept is simple and chic with a grey mid-drift top  with a high waisted skirt in the most beautiful shade if cobalt blue. To add a little fun and color to her look, she paired a pair neon yellow pumps to her ensemble. Her jewelry, hair and makeup were both kept simple, bit worked well with her entire look.

Amanda Stendberg is showing everyone their is a such thing as having style at thirteen. A simple black blouse jazzed up with a crisp summer white blazer and graphic print skirt. Instead of high heels that would age her, she opted for a pair of spiked loafers. A pop of color for the jewelry, a simple top knot, and simple makeup makes her entire look age appropriate and flawless.

Story via: The Fashion Bomb Blog
Photo Credit: Photos are not my own.



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