Diva Info: Work Smarter, Better, Faster With Tips From Marie Claire @ Work

I came across the latest issue of Marie Claire @ Work and read some very helpful tips for the diva that works in an office environment. This is the first time I have seen this issue and I think this will be a current read. Keep a look out for more helpful tips in future posts from this issue.

Don't Linger Over Deadlines
Lynn Truong, editor of wisebread.com 
"When I'm face with a tough decision, I give myself 48 hours to resolve the probem-long enough to prevent me from making impulse decisions and also enough time to weigh my options. It's easy to waste time on all the pros and cons, but when you have only 48 hours to decide, you focus on the big picture."

Spell Out Your Tasks
Ani Collum, partner and retail consultant of Retail Concepts
"When I write my to-do list, I give myself clear orders, not reminders. So instead of  'Call the store,' I'll write, "Call Dave at Treat Cupcake Bar to get update on store design and build out.' I never woder what the task means when I look at my lisy later, and the actionablle order prots me to actually do it."

Keep Distractions To A Minimum
Lindsey Waldrep, VP of marketing for Crossville, Inc.
 "The person who keeps a candy dish in her office has people popping in all day for sweets. So I never keep treats in my office. I also bought cute but uncomfortable furniture so visitors won't linger."

Be Picky About Meetings
Erin Hopmann, founder of dabble.co
"When I get a meeting request, I ask myself, What's the point of the meeting? What will we get out of it? Does this need to be done now? Those questions help me determine whether the meeting can wait or whether it needs to happen at all."

Text Instead of Email
Lauren Firsch, CEO of the Coaching Collective consulting firm
"My clients have my cell number and know to text me instead of call or email. I respond faster via text, even while sitting in meetings."

Put Out Fires Quickly
Amy Felmeister Clark, VP, The Thomas Collective, a PR firm
"If someone grabs me as I'm heading ot of the door, I say that they have the time it takes to ride the elevator from out office to the lobby-12 floors-to tell me what the problem is. When people now they have a limit, they speak fast."

Be Blunt With Colleagues
Jessica Anselmi, Senior Account Executive, Cone Communications
"It can be awkward, but don't be afraid to tell a coworker that you just don't have the time to chat. To that end, I try to IM colleagues instead of popping by their offices, I get answers much faster without the pressure to socialize."

Don't Let Calls Eat Your Day
Adrienne Williamson, vehicle validation engineer, General Motors
"When I'm on a conference call that requires me to look at something on-screen, I keep a laptop rigt beside me desktop. That way, I can do other work if the conversation turns to a subject unrelated to me."

Ensure Your Networking Pays Off
Erica Domesek, founder, P.S.-I Made This, a DIY media company
"On the back of my business cards, an inscription, reads, "P.S.- we met at,' with a blank line for me to fill in the location. Later, people don't have the scratch their heads wondering where we met-and I make more contacts because people actually remember me."

Divide Your Closet
Terry Galvez, President, Paradigm Event Management
"To get dressed faster, I spilt my walk-in closet into 'day' and 'night' sections. So in the morning, I turn right, to my row of shift dresses and daytime pumps. If I' going to a cocktail party, I turn left, where I keep my evening dresses and heels."

Leverage Your Workout
Erin Kelly Bartelma, sport psychology counselor, BE Balanced Studio
" I carry a handheld recorder to capture ideas that pop into my mind when I'm running. the endorphin rush makes me more creative, and I don't have to carve out time to brainstorm later."

These tips were definitely helpful for me now that I work in an office environment, where meetings are numerous and networking is a must.


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