Diva Info: Travel Essentials

It is May, and for many this month begins travel season. Between graduations, family vacations, and spur of the moment trips, packing can be overwhelming. We often remember to pack our camera and bathing suits, but divas, some things musn't be forgotten. Thes essentials are as follows:

Bobby Pins
Our Weather Channel apps may be benificial most of the time, but we all know our friend mother nature can be unpredicatable. It is my personal opinion to keep a few in your purse, but if not throw a couple bobby pins in that makeup bag before you hit the road!

Small Sewing Kit

Some of you may not know how to sew, but I can gurantee that you know someone who does. Ask them, to teach you...NOW! You never know when that hem will unravel on you. Every diva should master basic sewing skills such as hems, patching us holes, sewing on buttons and the like. A small sewing kit will cost you next to nothing a your local dollar store and it comes with at least ten colors :). Sew on divas, sew on!

Safety Pins

That blouse revealing a little too much? Is that wrap skirt not wrapping what it should? Safety pin it girl! Traveling with safety pins is a must. If you can pick up a kit that has a mixture of gold and silver pins in different sizes. I found one at the dollar store.


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