Diva Info: Are Your "Natural" Products Really Natural?

With more and more women ditching the chemicals are sporting their naturals tresses and using more natural products to maintain their mane, there has been an influx of products on the market boasting claims to have "natural" ingredients. This change is mainly due to the intense wave of African American women leaving that "creamy crack" alone and sporting that beautiful texture they were born with. Now their hair has changed, many of their products will change. What are the big companies doing about this? Slapping "natural' all over their labels as well as putting "made with {insert oil here}" on the label. Don't be fooled, my friends. Most of these companies are lying to you. Here is how you can distinguish the contenders from the pretenders.

1. PRICE: The real thing will always cost more than the knock off. This is the case with jewelry, fabric, food, and now hair care. If you read a product label that claims to have coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, olive oil and other natural ingredients, but the product and less than $10, somebody in lying!

2. INGREDIENTS: Here is a little information the hair care companies do not want you to know, they have to list the ingredients present in a product from greatest to least. So what does that mean? If the jojoba oil, olive oil, and shea butter you read in big pretty letters on the front of the bottle are at the BOTTOM of the paragraph of ingredients on the back, then they are only in the product for label claim. This means, they are in the product at such a low percentage that it will not have that moisturizing property they promised. They only did it to make you buy it, and chances are you fell for it. I too am guilty :(.

3. HUGE COMPANIES TEND TO BE HUGE LIARS: As were were often taught with food, the local farmer's produce has a tendency to be better than what you pick up from the grocery store? Why you ask? A large company's goal is to make more money than they spend. Therefore, if they have a 100% natural product, they will have to spend more money to make that product. Natural products are specialty products so they take longer to obtain, and these companies have a demand to meet. Instead, they will literlly add a drop of whatever the new hot natural product is at the time into their "natural" product. This legally allows them to claim that the product is aprt of that formula. So support your smaller companies, more often, chances are their labels willl match their ingredient lists (however, the same rules apply to those as well).


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