On the Hunt...Drugstore Makeup{Black Radiance}

I'm starting a new series called "On the Hunt." It is sort a a pre-haul. A picture diary of items I see when I'm out on the hunt for makeup, shoes, clothes, etc.

I spotted a few new quads that came just in time for Spring. On the left is Wild Thing and on the right is Moroccan Mix. Both of these are definitely on my list!

For the longest time I though this brand only had two blushes, Warm Berry and Toasted Almond. Then I saw Rasberry. It is darker than Warm Berry and gorgeous! Another one added to the list!

Now this is what I went to the drugstore. I was watching a YouTube video by Koko Femme and she was talking about the new Black Radiance eight pan palettes. She stated that they are very similar to the Wet N Wild eight pan palettes as you can see in the pictures below.

The pallete on the left is Wet N Wild's Comfort Zone palette and on the right is Urban Jungle by Black Radiance. The colors are very similar being that they are neutral colors. but there are different colors in both palettes. Urban Jungle has deeper greens and browns, and a gold browbone shade instead of a pale champagne. So you know what that means...I will be getting it!

On the right is Petal Pusher by Wet N Wild and on the left is Posh Plums by Black Radiance. Both palettes have similar colors (purples and pinks), but the Posh Plums has deeper colors and two black shades, one glitter and the other matte. They appear to be the same two black colors from the WNW Blue Me Away palette.

Here are all three (l to r), Downtown Browns, Posh Plums, and Urban Jungle. Will you be buying these??

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