Diva {MAKEUP} Chronicles: At Home Makeup Remover

So my natural hair journey has led me into using non-cosmetic products for cosmetic purposes. During my journey to natural hair, I have become an avid reader of http://www.bglhonline.com/ (Black Girl With Long Hair). It was on this website where I was introduced to oil cleansing as an alternative to your typical facial cleansers. The two oils suggested were castor and olive oils. I was already using olive oil on my hair, but was reluctant to use it on my face being that I am a girl with oily skin. I must say that the combination actually works! I use about 40% castor oil and 60% oilve oil. Castor oil acts an purging oil causing all impurities to move towards the surface out of your pores. Oilve oil is the moisturizer so your skin will not feel stripped of moisture after you cleanse.


I apply the oil mixture on top of my makeup (I know it sounds crazy) and remove the makeup and excess oil with a warm washcloth. Both oils are great are removing those stubborn makeup products such as eyeliner and mascara. After I've washed everything off my face, I take the same mixture, this time using a pea sized amount, I'll remoisturize my face. The next morning my face feels so soft! I encourage you to try it.

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