Diva {HAIR} Chronicles: Transitioning

I have made the decision on today December 24, 2010 to transition from my relaxed hair to natural hair. Today is trial one of this hairstyle and I have to say I love it. I recieved so many compliments on it as well. I've had relaxed hair every since I was nine years old. Too long!! I don't even know what my natural hair texture is. I'm guessing it may be wavy/curly because even with relaxed hair I still have waves/curls in my hair. I really can't distinguish which one it is because it is not through out my entire head because of the relaxer. All I know is I've always had soft hair and I don't know why my mom let me talk her into getting a relaxer. We will see what the true texture is in a about a year.

After I washed my hair I applied Smooth Shine curling mousse on my wet hair. I combed it through very well and had my mom cornrow my hair stright back(I really have to learn how to do that before I go back to school lol) and I rolled the braids under with sponge rollers. I let it air dry over night and applied Africa's Best Oil on it in the morning to moisturize my hair and Cantu Shea Butter oil sheen for a tad bit mre sheen and this is what I got.

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