Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Diva's Fashion Guide: Aimee Song Styles a Slip Dress 8 Different Ways

Aimee Song recently uploaded another installment in her Style by Number series on her YouTube Channel. This time, she's showing viewers how to style a slip dress 8 different ways. I'm taking notes. Watch below. Enjoy!

Video Credit: Aimee Song YouTube

Friday, August 11, 2017

Diva's Life: Putting Forth the Effort

Happy Friday Divas and Gents!

Yesterday, I posted to Instagram how the word "effort " has been on my mind all week. I think it served as a reminder that I needed to put more effort into every aspect of my life. For the most part, we put our all into becoming the best employee, but when was the last time you spent time with your grandparents, or called them? I've been guilty of letting a few days turn into a few weeks, then before I knew it, a month has gone by and I haven't even so much has called friends or family to check in on them.  I gave my myself excuses like "it's too early," "it's too late," or "I just want to rest." Effort takes enery, committment, and consistency. 

 None of which I've been putting into my other ventures, such as Diva's Marketplace. Does that ring a bell? That's my shop I've been launching all year, but have yet to launch publicly.  I am financing it myself, so it came to a standstill. However, I haven't put any effort into finding the funding or help because I was "too exhausted " from my day job. Diva's Marketplace is my ultimate dream day job, so why am I not working harder to get it off the ground again? 

My weight is another area where I can put forth more effort. I got the diet down, but finding time to exercise like I should  is another. I've been invited to join gyms and even a local workout group. That 4:30 am start time though? Ehh. I going to start small and branch out. Hold me to it.

Read my caption from Instagram here:

"The word "effort " has been flashing through my mind the past week. I think it serves as a reminder to put forth effort into every aspect of my life. From my spiritual and familial relationships, work life, my business, etc. I must do the work and put in effort into being the best person I can be and living my best life with those closest to me."


Enjoy your weekends Divas ans Gents!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Latest in Beauty News: EOS Launches Crystal Lip Balm, Colour Pop Is Coming to Sephora, and Beauty Bakerie's New Product Release!

The now iconic some shaped balm has got a new cousin: the Crystal!  EOS Crystal lip balm boasts a having a formula comprising of 5 essential oils and is free if wax (Was that wax free part shade to a competitor?). The balm is claimed to give a smooth glide upon application and leave lips soft and chic.  Sounds like I have a new product to try.

Colour Pop Cosmetics announced that they can be found in select Sephora stores this holiday season
 No word on how many and the locations. Keep ypur eyes peeled at your local store.

The much anticipated Baking Oil by Beauty Bakeris has already launched at their flagship location inside Mission Valley Mall in San Diego, California. It is set to hit the website this Friday, August 11, 2017. Get yours before it's gone!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Hair Discussion: My Updated Hairstyle & Routine

You may have noticed from my Instagram, that I've been wearing my hair straight. I haven't straightened my hair since 2015! I had to go back in the archives to see when the last time I put heat to it. LOL. Needless to say, I have to get used to it. The days of my hair being trained to hold a wrap are long gone. I still only apply heat on days with low humidity to maintain my hairstyle.

I achieved my new look my using an old school hot comb paired with the new school flat iron. I had my cousin do the initial press and I just maintain it. I hit the roots and edges with the hot comb and press out the rest of my hair with the flat iron. For more body,  my mom taught me (again) how to set it with rollers after curling it with the flat iron. I'll do my makeup and other things before I take the curlers out and  fluff it out.

At night, I wrap wit my hair and secure it with a million bobby pins because, again, it's not trained. I'll either wear it out or keep it wrapped under a hat or turban depending on my mood and the weather

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Latest in Beauty News: Fenty Beauty to be Released September 8, 2017

Rihanna let the world know via her Instagram page that her long awaited beauty line, Fenty Beauty, will be available September 8, 2017 in Sephora and Harvey Nichols stores. You can head to the website and sign up to their email list to gwt updates.

Can't wait!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Friday, July 21, 2017

Diva Talks Culture: Procter & Gamble's 'Talk About Bias' Ad is Right On Time

My Black Is Beautilful, which falls under Procter and Gamble, recently released a video entitled Talk About Bias. What may seem like average African American parents and their kids going about their day to day lives, is much more. The messages the parents are giving to their kids who just want to drive, go to band practice, etc. are reminiscent of "The Talks" AA parents have to have with their kids all over the country and likely across borders and the pond as  well. The fact that two of the children were young enough to be in elementary school yet have to receive a lecture so heavy is accurate, yet troubling that is has to happen so young.

So what is "The Talk" you ask? It is a conversation that parents, aunts, uncles, church leaders and so on have with African American youth to basically let them know racism is ALIVE AND WELL in this country (despite what the media wants you to think) and it is inevitable that they will become a target in some form. They will be called a n****r, they will be followed around clothing stores because people will automatically assume they are about to steal (no matter what they're wearing), little girls will be told "you're pretty for a black girl" as if they are the exception and black isn't beautful,  and young black men will be asked for i.d. when walking down the streets of their own neighborhoods. I.Could.Go.On.For.Days!

Then you may say (if you are not black) that "Well if they didn't look like they were about to steal" or "Don't do anything to cause a cop to stop you," then you missed the entire point. All of this is a result of skin tone: being black. It's not an easy conversation to have,  many avoid it as if it wil go away (it won't), but the black community doesn't have the luxury to ignore. We have to always be aware and alert. 

We see the stares, we see you grab your purse a little tighter in our peripheral, we know you follwed us from the shoe to the dress department, or from aisle 5 to aisle 13, and that you put your money on the counter instead of in our hands to avoid touching us. These are not isolated incidents. This is our everyday life. Did you catch that? This is our everyday life. This is our everyday life. One more time, this is our everyday life. 

The Talk is all about telling black kids that more of this behavior will likely come and this will be your life. No exceptions. Parents have to tell their children that they basically can't protect them from it, but how to deal with it (and it is not easy). I am so grateful that Procter and Gamble and My Black is Beautiful are shining a light on this issue so that one day this conversation will no longer become a life changing necessity.


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